Group Camp Rules

Group Camp Rules are simple:  

  • COVID/National Crisis:  We will adhere to all state/federal covid/health proceedures for everyone's safety is most important.
  • MASKS/National Crisis:  As of now, masks are optional.  If there is a change by the reunion, the new state/federal proceedures will stand.
  • No pets allowed at anytime
  • No glass containers by the pool
  • No swimming if the pool is closed

Basically we ask if you know it's wrong, please don't do it.  Our Travis cross-family events team is responsible for our group actions so we are naturally wanting everything to run smoothly.

Here are also a few requests:

  1. If you bring adult drinks, please keep it to a minimum and your behavior in-check.
  2. Please help us keep the camp grounds clean by picking up any litter you see. If you (or your individual family) makes a mess inside or outside building structures, please clean it up.
  3. Please help us keep the camp SAFE by keeping an eye on your young and watching for unusual behavior/cars.
  4. Lastly, as this is family time we request you refrain from bringing friends as it impedes on your time to get-to-know cousins and family members.

*Reminder:  The Oklahoma State Park, Sequoyah abides by Oklahoma State Laws therefore Oklahoma state laws are actionable.